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Cold-Tossed Celery in “La Gan Ma” Dressing

After working six days straight in the restaurant, the last place where I want to be in is in a kitchen. But after yoga class, I was hungry. So I looked into my fridge and pantry for answers to a quick and light snack.

I had Trader Joe’s celery and “La Gan Ma” chili oil. I made a quick pickle of the celery with salt and sugar, then made a vinaigrette with the chili oil.

One of my favorite stations in the restaurant is garde manager. Basically, I’m making salads, canapes, or soups. It may not sound exciting, compare to cooking a dry-aged rib eye, but making a salad taste and presented well has a lot to do with finesse as well as sensitivity.

This celery dish is a garde manager dish. Also, it displays a side of Chinese cooking that is simple, healthy, and beautiful to look at.


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