Recently, I saw a Chinese cooking show on TV and the presenter said,  “If you don’t have Chinese black vinegar, then use balsamic vinegar to replace it.”  This information is unhelpful and misleading. It doesn’t teach those of us who truly want to learn the beauty of Chinese cuisine, the subtle nuances of each ingredient in Chinese food. To pursue that, I created this blog to learn more about Chinese cooking and to share that experience with others.

Chinese cooking isn’t just about throwing things in a wok and fifteen minutes later, it’s done. Like every cuisine in this world, it’s all about finding the right ingredients, the best ingredients, then cooking it with care and attention.

I hope you enjoy the process with me,

Gilley Tang


One thought on “About

  1. Al Adelizio says:

    I am Al, the cousin of your italian Godfather Gus.. Gus and I were regulars at Hwa Yuan for many years. Very close to your father and his brother CB.. Your father always spoke of ‘” Shorty”… Many great memories… Gus and I would start every meal with “noodles w/ hot brown meat sauce and finish with another dish at the end of the meal.. Before getting to know your father well Gus and I were known to all the staff at HwaYuan as those two big eaters from New Jersey..What I wouldn”t give for a dish of those extroadinary noodles w/ hot brown meat sauce right this minute.. I can smell and taste them now….
    If your Dad can remember me, give him my best..
    Al ( Gus’ cousin) NJ

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